How To Use An Ice Cube Tray To Freeze Pancakes | Better Homes and Gardens

2023-04-12 18:33:28 By : Ms. Sally Zhou

Having homemade pancakes first thing in the morning does seem like a hassle. But who doesn't love waking up to golden hotcakes topped with fruit and drizzled in honey or maple syrup to start their morning?

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How To Use An Ice Cube Tray To Freeze Pancakes | Better Homes and Gardens

Although a basic pancake recipe doesn't require many ingredients and is easy to make at home, we're all ears if there's a way to shorten the prep or cooking method.

An ice cube tray is a basic kitchen essential that we all have and is the only tool you'll need to test out this pancake hack.

If you're already across ice cube tray hacks, you may have already used the silicone mould to  freeze herbs in oil, make coffee ice cubes or even DIY dishwashing tablets.

But did you know that they are the perfect vessel to freeze pancake mixture too? In a Tiktok trend that has since gone viral, home cooks are whipping out their ice cube trays and freezing cubes of pancake batter.

All you need to do is  make a batch of your favourite pancake batter, then neatly pour it into your ice cube tray and freeze overnight. In the morning, simply pop out as many pancakes you want and heat them up in a  non-stick pan on low heat to cook. 

The best part is that the options to customise your breakfast are endless. If your kids like choc chips, raspberries or blueberries, sprinkle them on top or add to the mix before freezing.

While this hack seems like a dream for busy parents, some people have been skeptical about this new way of cooking the popular brekkie item.

One person commented on a viral Tiktok video of the hack saying, "this makes no sense to me, just cook them ahead of time and freeze them. Use the microwave to heat them when you want them."

But another user was quick to jump in and address these concerns by saying that this method ensures the pancakes still taste fresh when you eat them. 

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Plus, your chance to win

How To Use An Ice Cube Tray To Freeze Pancakes | Better Homes and Gardens

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